Our 5 Favourite Self Isolation Games for 2 or More Players

It’s time to batten down the hatches! And do what, I hear you ask?! Well, what better time to hit reset, light the fire, turn off your phone, and get back to some good old family board games!

So if you’re looking for inspiration for your next game, let us lend you a hand (from at least 3 feet away).

Ticket to Ride 

We absolutely love a game of Ticket to Ride, for multiple reasons. Not only are the games beautifully laid out, and you get to line up little trains in your own OCD manner at the side of the board, but the game is a wonderful mix of skill, luck, and sabotage! It’s very possible to have a lovely game of Ticket to Ride where you get in nobody’s way, and spend 30 minutes building nice routes across the world. Or you can show your dark side and make war against your opponent, sabotaging their lines, etc. Of course, we’d never condone the latter.

Ticket to Ride is a fantastic game for the family as it makes for a real level playing field upon varied ages and skill levels. It also works really well as a 2 player game. And with multiple maps to choose from, and Expansion packs in the UK & Pensylvania, there’s always more fun to be had.

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Retro Battleship 

A retro classic. What could be less sociable than putting up a barrier of weaponised warships between you and your partner, and calmly anyiolating them ship by ship? Absolutely nothing, this is social isolation at it’s finest.

More than that, we absolutely love the Retro Battleship version Hasbro have come out with, with a beautiful Retro looking box, this is sure to provide you with hours of unsociable fun! There is also the Travel version, but it doesn’t look like you’ll be travelling very far any time soon, it does save space though!

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Well, it wouldn’t be a Pandemic without... Pandemic.

It seems an obvious choice (it is) - But if you’ve had enough of competing against your family, Pandemic is a fantastic game of team work. Race against time to fight the board, and stop the Pandemic spreading. Maybe you'll even make some better decisions than Boris, but I’d wager you might make some worse ones too! How are you going to solve the Pandemic?

If you’re really wanting a momento to remember the year of Corona with then you’ll want to take a look at the Pandemic 10th Anniversary Special edition, in a beautifully presented Metal box (Which mounts onto the wall, neat!) you’ll always remember it as the year you became an involuntary hermit.

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Ah, Dobble. I have a real love-hate relationship with this game. I love it, but I am ashamed to admit that I don’t actually think i’ve ever won a game of it. No, seriously, I'm that bad at it.

There are 55 cards which all contain various symbols. But every card only has one symbol in common with any other card. (but all cards do have one symbol in common with each other) - Now kids, that’s some good Maths right there! 

With 5 mini games, the task is always pretty simple, spot the symbol in common with 2 cards as quick as you can, before your opponents… Easy right? Well, sometimes yes it is. But sometimes, you wouldn’t believe the painful silence around the table as your eyes deceive you!!

With so many different versions too, including Harry Potter, Disney Princess, Beach Dobble (which is waterproof, cool eh) and of course the classic -  there’s a reason Dobble is one of the best selling games in the UK right now! 

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When Chinese Whispers meets the exciting moment when your teacher hands out the Mini Whiteboards at the start of a lesson. (Second only to seeing the TV Trolley being wheeled up the corridor and into your lesson). 

If you’re not young enough to have shared in this excitement, the game of Telestrations is simple. Draw the word you’ve been given on your whiteboard, flip the page over, pass it on, someone guesses your word, flip it over again, someone guesses the new word the last person guessed until you have something that looks like a Toddler’s train of thoughts!

With endless possibilities depending on the drawing skills (or lack of) this game provides endless fun for the whole family, accompanied with plenty of laughter.

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